NY Post: Meet the Democrats who are winning the Midwest for Trump

Four years ago, Christian Rickers was a delegate from Virginia for Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention; four months ago he voted for Bernie Sanders in the Virginia primary.

Now he’s a Trumpocrat. And he’s hoping to turn the Rust Belt red.

This is a major turnaround for someone like Rickers. His earliest childhood memories include handing out leaflets for local Virginia Democratic candidates; as a teenager he attended that famous 1992 presidential debate when George H.W. Bush was captured looking at his watch. Right after, Rickers had his picture taken with a jubilant Bill Clinton.

He also served in current Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine’s administration when he was governor — appointed by Kaine.

“I basically came out of the womb a Democrat,” he said.

But beginning next week, he’ll be loading a flatbed in Pittsburgh filled with “Trumpocrat” bumper stickers, signs, magnets and contact sheets, with his sights set on Cleveland and all that rich geography in between.

Read the full story here: Meet the Democrats who are winning the Midwest for Trump

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