NY Post: America’s Social Contract is Dead

A middle-aged man stood across from the entrance to Ambridge High School with several dozen protestors, heckling thousands of people waiting to see Donald Trump speak on Monday.

Dressed in dark colors from his ball cap to his boots and sporting tiny wire-rimmed glasses, he was as animated as the other protestors waving signs or shouting through bull-horns — except for one detail: His intolerance of Trump’s supporters provoked him to frantically wave his arm in a Nazi salute and hurl slurs.

An hour later, after the raucous rally ended, a petite elderly woman in a practical beige overcoat, with a light blue babushka tied at her chin, walked past reporters, scanning for their affiliations.

Her objective was simple, she said: to spit on the reporter who worked for CNN.

It’s tempting to blame the behavior of both on the presidential campaigns. But really, this election has channeled a narcissism and intolerance that our country has been incubating for years.

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