NY Post: Trump’s voters were ‘hidden’ in plain sight

Dr. Anthony Ripepi wants the cosmopolitan class — who so misread everything about this election cycle — to know the first thing they might want to shed is their constant mocking of those who live in flyover country.

He also wants them to know that despite the gnashing of teeth over the mere thought of a Donald Trump presidency or the rise of his supporters as an electoral force, he holds no malice.

“The Trump presidency will never be a threat to their way of life the way progressive policies were to the values Trump supporters hold dear,” he said.

Ripepi, the father of four, grandson of immigrants and highly sought-after chief of surgery at a suburban Pittsburgh hospital, is one of the nearly 3 million voters in Western Pennsylvania who helped put Trump over the top in a state that hasn’t gone Republican since 1988.

He doesn’t fit coastal America’s idea of a Trump supporter, and that’s part of the reason the media missed what was happening right under their noses.

Ripepi, 53, and his wife, Michele, take their kids to hockey and soccer practice just like their suburban New York counterparts do. They enjoy going out to dinner, or to an NHL hockey game or to a movie.

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