Washington Examiner: John Fetterman is the kind of Democrat a Trump voter can love

Meet John Fetterman, the man who could be the antidote the Democratic Party needs to Trumpism, which put Pennsylvania in the Red column for the first time in a presidential election since 1988.

At over 6’8 inches tall with tattoos running up both sides of his arms, the mayor of the poorest community in Allegheny County is visually hard to miss.

After his stunning showing in the Democratic U.S. senate primary race — nearly edging out the 2010 nominee Joe Sestak and giving the winner Katie McGinty heartburn with no money, no name recognition and no establishment backing — he is also hard to forget.

State party Democrats admit privately that, in all likelihood, he would have beaten Republican Sen. Pat Toomey in the U.S. Senate race in November. Even some Republicans admit he could have won, or at least gotten closer than McGinty.

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