Washington Examiner: Kellyanne Conway unplugged

Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Conway’s life has come full circle.

The little girl from Atco, N.J., raised in a collaborative effort by her mother, a grandmother and two aunts, all living under the same roof, now has her mother living in her home, helping her and her husband with their four children.

“Funny how that happened,” she says of her mother moving in after she became Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign manager in August. “It is the way I was raised and, honestly, it really has been amazing.”

Below her Fifth Avenue office in Trump Tower, tourists crowd the glistening peach marble lobby, hoping to catch a glimpse of the future president. Secret Service officers patiently allow them to linger long enough to see the gilded elevator doors open, then move them along to keep the lobby fluid.

Read the full story here: Kellyanne Conway unplugged

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