Salena Zito lands book deal

New York Post columnist Salena Zito nabbed a book deal with Penguin Random House’s Crown Forum imprint, expanding on her widely praised reports from America’s heartland.

“The Great Divide” co-written by Brad Todd and due out in Spring 2018, “will paint portraits . . . of the emerging populist tribe . . . in bellwether Rust Belt counties that switched allegiances from Barack Obama . . . to Donald Trump.”

Zito said: “As a journalist, I’ve spent three presidential elections crossing the country, hearing people’s frustrations concerning Washington, and I loved every mile. This book is the culmination of those travels and an effort to understand what drove people to vote in 2016 and what they’re likely to do in 2020.”

One thought on “Salena Zito lands book deal

  1. Hi Salena.
    Just read your sad but wonderfully written article in today’s NY Pist on my iPhone. It was like I was watching a documentary come to life. I usually read mostly sports, entertainment, and some political stories but thus grabbed me by my soul. Continued success
    Bob Byer


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