NY Post: How a mayor’s wife brought a factory town back from the brink

Gisele Baretto Fetterman, the only Latina in a sea of black women, stands in a cheerfully painted former shipping container in the parking lot of an abandoned nuisance bar, directing customers toward the supplies.

Groceries, clothing, towels, blankets, diapers and formula are all separated into neat aisles for the people of Braddock, Pa. — the rough-and-tumble steel town that she and her husband have adopted as their home.

Outside the shipping container, a cheery sign marks the entrance to “The Free Store,” which fills the needs of those living in a town whose once important place in American history is now largely forgotten. It also gives those people more optimism than they have seen in a generation.

“The store rules are, ‘Be kind, take only what you need, and pay it forward,’ ” Fetterman says.

The statuesque, raven-haired, 35-year-old mother of three is a force of kindness, faith and beauty, both inside and out.

Read the full piece here: How a mayor’s wife brought a factory town back from the brink

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