Keep your eye on Scott Walker in Wisconsin

Scott Walker is ready to go.

“I am ready to run again for governor,” Walker told the Washington Examiner after a dedication ceremony of the 200-mile Frank Lloyd Wright Trail.

Walker is one of a string of Midwest Republican governors in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and his state of Wisconsin who have run and won in traditional blue states in difficult elections and emerged as strong executives as the country battled itself out of the recession.

“I have not been as optimistic about the future of the state of Wisconsin as I am right now. And I’m even more excited about how much greater it can be going forward,” he said.

Walker indicated he will make an official announcement later this summer.

The former Milwaukee county executive and 2016 presidential candidate ran and won his seat three times (there was a recall election in between his two outright wins), and his party has twice taken the state attorney general’s office, won control of both state legislative chambers (and retained them twice) and won a bruising state Supreme Court race.

Republicans also hold the majority of the state’s House delegation (five of eight) and one of the two U.S. Senate seats.

 Read the full piece HERE.

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