In Pennsylvania, Georgia, and everywhere else, all politics is local

Richard E. Frey, of neighboring New Oxford, sits alone on a sunny Saturday afternoon, behind a desk in the cheery office of the Adams County Democratic Party, located along Chambersburg Street.

No big election is coming up, but Frey is studiously making phone calls to area voters.

Outside, the headquarters’ front window is plastered with campaign signs of Democrats running for local and national offices, which makes the former storefront stand out from neighboring businesses whose merchandise either focuses on the historical aspects of the town’s heritage or offers food and lodging for tourists.

Frey is one of the many volunteers who staff the office in two hour-shifts in an effort to rebuild the local Democratic Party, which has been decimated in the past eight years.

It’s not an easy job, says Marcia Wilson, who chairs the local party. Sometimes her biggest challenge in the process of winning over voters is not Republican elected officials or their supporters, but members of her own party.

What is that challenge?

Read the full piece HERE.

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