What was a charity badge for a football coach became a grim reality

At its very essence the game of football has had a tradition of serving as the great connector in this country.

Certainly for the Powers family of New Jersey that is true. Had Trevor Powers never took an assistant football coaching position at Rutgers University he would never have met his wife Kim, a meeting that formed an instant and deep friendship that led to marriage and eventually the beginning of the young couple’s family with the birth of their son Trent.

Without football Trevor would’ve never likely heard of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy either; his knowledge of the fatal genetic disorder came through a patch he wore on his sleeve every fourth Saturday in September when college coaches across the country wear them to raise awareness for the disease on Coach To Cure game day.

It was something he did first as an assistant football coach at Rutgers then at Princeton. He understood it was a worthy cause and it was a cause that Trevor was proud to be part of – but it was also one he rarely thought about after the annual event was over as the season went on and so did life.

Read the full story HERE.

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