In this part of the US, people are rooting for Trump more than ever

RUFFS DALE, Pa. — Hunched over in his workshop, Leon Moyer slices through a board with a miter saw, its hum piercing the air. It’s the sound of business for Moyer, who has run a sign-making company in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, since 1984.

A few feet away lies a stack of signs blaring “President Donald Trump” and a pile of bumper stickers bearing the legend “CNN Sucks.” Almost a year after America sent The Donald to the White House, Moyer is still selling pro-Trump signage. Homes and businesses all over this county, which is mostly registered Democrats, continue to declare their allegiance to the Republican outsider.

“Last year, when people were asking me to make [signs] for them, I was fairly surprised. Republican political signs really aren’t a big thing for me, and, well, this is a big Democrat area. The signs were everywhere, and everyone wanted one.”

So far, Moyer estimates he’s sold “thousands” of pro-Trump signs.

How many people ordered signs for Hillary?

“One. That would be one person. Which kind of surprised me given how Democratic this area is,” he said. Moyer said he had requests for oversize Trump signs, small ones, individualized ones: “You name it, people were asking for them.”

“They still ask for them,” he added. “Not much has changed in the sentiments here for Trump.”

Read the full story HERE.

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