America still hasn’t recovered from Trump’s shocking win

STERLING HEIGHTS, MICH. — There’s still a sharp pain in Sarah Moberly’s gut. The hurt and disbelief she felt watching the presidential election one year ago remains ever-present.

In fact, it has escalated.

“Honestly, I feel absolutely worse today than I did last year and it just keeps getting worse every day,” she told The Post. “The moment that Hillary conceded, it was a feeling of complete doom. That’s the only way I can put it. I went to bed, I put the covers over my head. I woke up the next morning, I put the covers back over my head, and I didn’t want to get out of bed for like a week,” she said. “I kept thinking, this is a dream and that I’d wake up. Nope, that wasn’t a dream that really just happened.”

America still has not recovered from the shocking victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8, 2016. And while past presidential elections have always led to disagreement between friends and relatives and neighbors, this election has ripped the nation in two. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey of 5,000 adults, the country’s partisan divide has widened even further under Trump, especially on key issues like climate change, race and immigration. There is now an average 36 percentage point difference between the two parties — more than twice the 15 percentage point difference first measured in 1994, the study said.

Read the full piece HERE.

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