The rise of Tim Ryan, the Rust Belt Democrat

YOUNGSTOWN — If the buzz surrounding a possible challenger for the White House can be measured by the number of times that person is invited to another state, then there’s a lot of buzz around Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan.

Interest goes up even higher when the states they’re invited to hold early caucus and primary contests.

So far, the Democratic congressman from Ohio’s Mahoning Valley has been to New Hampshire three times and Iowa twice. Why?

“I was invited,” he answers matter-of-factly. “Look, people ask me, ‘What are you doing in Iowa and New Hampshire?’ I say, ‘I got invited.’ I don’t just show up in Iowa. Then, I got invited back. I got invited to New Hampshire. I got invited back to New Hampshire. I got invited back again to New Hampshire,” he said.

Ryan, who was elected in 2002, thinks it’s a good thing. “It tells me something that in a place like Manchester, a guy from Youngstown is seen as someone who is talking about the issues that are important in a state like New Hampshire.”

So, is he running? Ask him after the midterms, he says.

“We have to focus on winning the House back and doing what we can to gain seats in the Senate in 2018. There’s plenty of time, especially in today’s world, to worry about running for president at some point.”

Read the full piece HERE.

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