Could Rick Saccone disrupt the Democratic narrative in the Pennsylvania special election?

MT. LEBANON, Pa. — For the next three weeks, he’s the most important candidate for anything in American politics.

While pundits widely focus on his Democratic rival Conor Lamb (understandably, as Lamb is young, progressive, has a military background, and comes from a pedigree political family), it just may be Rick Saccone who is the one to watch.

 Why? Because everything that is at stake for both political parties rests on his shoulders.

If Lamb wins, then every Democrat running in a swing district across the country will try to adapt the Lamb strategy: Avoid the press, take no strong stands on any issue, and just focus on saying over and over again that as a candidate, you support new leadership on both sides of the aisle.

If Lamb loses, it’s back to the #Resistance.

In this district that Trump won by 20 points, a Lamb victory would confirm the prediction that the world has shifted away from both President Trump and the Republican Party.

Read the full piece HERE.

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