Donald Trump Jr.: ‘It’s important to elect Republicans who will work with the president’

CANONSBURG, Pa.— On the last day of the campaign for the Pennsylvania special election in the 18th Congressional District, Donald Trump Jr. toured a candy factory in Washington County to urge locals to turn out for Rick Saccone, the Republican running for the House seat against Democrat Conor Lamb.

Trump was the third member of his family to visit the district in the past few weeks in an all-out effort to help bring Saccone over a finish line that he has been lagging behind in the past 10 days.

Monmouth University released a survey just as the confectionery tour began, showing Lamb ahead in three turnout models, all of which were within the 5.1 percentage point margin of error.

“It is really important for us to remind voters of not just what my father has accomplished and that he needs every Republican house member to continue that progress,” said Trump Jr. in an interview with the Washington Examiner after he and Saccone concluded a tour of the iconic family candy business that has been a Canonsburg staple since 1960.

Trump Jr. pointed out that Sarris Candies is the perfect example of a small American business that has done well under the Trump tax reform bill, which he reminded supporters that no Democrat, no matter how moderate or centrist they were, supported.

“Sarris Candies has over 400 employees, they told me they added 80 more after the tax reform bill passed,” he said, “That’s not counting the ripple effect it has in the surrounding community.”

After some ice cream in the retail shop, Trump Jr. toured the sprawling factory with Saccone and Republican Rep. Keith Rothfus of the 12th Congressional District, donning a hair net as he talked with the candy makers, mostly women, about their craft, while passing aisles of hundreds of large and small chocolate Easter rabbits, white chocolate crosses, and colorful dark chocolate baskets.

Lamb, who did not have any events scheduled for Monday, has run a tight campaign designed to portray himself as a centrist, pro-gun, pro-tariff independent who is free of his party’s influence. “That makes a great ad, but we all know what happens when you go to Washington, you eventually have to toe the party line, and that’s why it’s important to elect Republicans who will work with the president,” he said.

Read the full piece HERE.

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